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Eureka forbes Aquasure Xpert UV + RO + UF Water Purifier

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perview - Eureka Forbes 8 L Water Purifier - AquaSure Xpert

Key Features:

  • 8 L Capacity
  • Taste Enhancer Cartridge
  • Chemi Block
  • LCD Display
  • TDS Regulator

Whether it is scorching summer or the chilly winter, drinking water is undoubtedly the basic necessity of humanity. But before you quench your thirst, make sure you are doing justice to your health. Due to pollution and other climatic changes, water gets contaminated easily. Keeping all the climatic changes and the germs and bacteria that come along with it in mind, Eureka Forbes designed a technologically advanced water purifier to ensure 100% safety. It filters water without leaving a single germ behind while retaining essential minerals for your body. The purifier itself checks the input quality of water and changes purification method � so you are free from the hassles of getting a technician very often. It has an LCD screen that displays the life of cartridge and UV lamp. Its multi-stage patented technology with auto-flush facility enhances the membrane life. It can store up to 8 liters of water and detect the water level automatically for constant refill. And now the best of all � it offers you crystal clear water without compromising a bit on the taste. So place this in your kitchen space and experience a new freshness in every drop of water you drink.



Brand Eureka Forbes
Model AquaSure Xpert
Type Water Purifier
Technical Specifications
Tank Capacity 8 L
Rated Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz
Power Rating 45 W
Purification Stages I-Cartridge, Chemi Block, RO Membrane, Taste Enhancer Cartridge, UF Membrane, UV lamp

Purification Technology

RO+UV+UF with TDS Regulator

Smart Sensor


Cartridge Life indicator


LCD user interface


Auto Error Indicator

Net weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions (H X D X W) 405 x 390 x 330 mm
Additional Features
Multi-Stage Advanced Purification system This advanced purification system gives you protection from harmful chemicals, pesticides and dreaded heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and also removes water borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and cysts
TDS Regulator It selects the best purification method from the patented multi stage RO+UV+UF purification process based on the input water.
Cartridge and UV Life Alert Smartly schedule your service calls.
Auto Flush Facility Enhances life of membrane.
On Screen Alerts Helps you to operate the purifier in optimum condition.
Enhanced Storage Capacity The purifier has ample storage capacity of 8 litres. So, rest assured you'll never run short of safe and sweet drinking water.
WARRANTY : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Membrane


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