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Prestige PGMFB - Grill Sandwich Toaster

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  • Brand: Prestige
  • Product Code: PGMFB - Grill

  • Fixed grill plates
  • Non-stick heating plate
  • Elegant black finish body
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 800 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Includes: Sandwich toaster, Instruction manual and Warranty card

  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Grill Or Toast A Sandwich

    Make the most delicious grilled and toasted sandwiches with the Prestige sandwich maker. This device is user-friendly and safe, making it the perfect kitchen appliance. You can use multiple varieties of breads to grill or toast in this device. To prevent your sandwich from getting overcooked or burnt, this device comes with a light indicator which informs you of the progress of your sandwich. Its sleek, black body also comes with a lock to prevent it from opening while grilling. Also, you can buy sandwich maker online and make delicious sandwiches.

    Non-Stick And Safe To Use

    The Prestige PGMFB sandwich maker uses a non-stick plate to grill or toast your sandwiches. Cleaning this device is now simple in the event of any spillage. Due to the grill plates, the sandwiches use less oil, making your meal healthy and fresh. This kitchen appliance is safe and user-friendly. It is built with a sturdy, heat-resistant body, keeping the outer body cool and safe to touch. Moreover, it also features an anti-skid base which prevents slipping and accidents. You can read the Prestige sandwich maker review to understand what it has to offer.

    • Brand: Prestige
    • Colour: Black
    • Functions: Toasting and Grilling
    • Power Consumption: 800 W
    • Operating Voltage: 200-240 V
    • Cooking plate: Fixed non-stick grill plates
    • Non-skid Feet
    • Heat-resistant Body
    • Durable Body
    • Integrated Light Indicator
    • Adjustable Height Control to Clean Plates
    • Includes: Instruction manual

    From the Manufacturer

    With the Prestige PGMFB Sandwich Maker, all you need to do is butter some bread, stuff it with a filling of your choice, grate some cheese over it, and grill it to make a delicious sandwich. This sandwich maker has a non-stick plate, which prevents the bread from sticking on to the plates. In case of any spillage, these plates can be cleaned easily. The grill plates allow you to make sandwiches much faster than other methods.

    This handy Prestige sandwich maker comes with an integrated light indicator, which is on the outside of the appliance. This is helpful in showing you the progress of your sandwiches, which prevents them from getting burnt. Because of this, you are sure to get perfect golden brown grilled sandwiches every single time you use it.

    It consumes 800 watts of power in order to heat the plates to the maximum temperature that is needed for the grilling process.This appliance has non-skid feet, which ensures that is propped firmly on whatever surface it is kept. It also has a heat-resistant body, which keeps its outer surface cool even while it is in use. This feature is very helpful in preventing accidents that can occur if it gets too hot on the outside. It also comes with a lid lock that keeps it firmly closed while it is in use.

    Because of the fact that it has a non-stick coating, you can use a minimal amount of oil while making a sandwich. This is very beneficial for the health of any person, whether young or old.

    Product Features

    • Comes with non-stick fixed grill plates.
    • Comes with toast and grill functions.
    • Includes a one year warranty.
    • Has a black outer body.
    • Has non-skid feet.

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