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Cast Iron Tadka Pan | Pre-Seasoned | Dia 12 cms | Depth 6 cms | Weight 800 gms

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  •  Suitable for tadka or tempering, melting butter, heating up small quantity of leftovers, etc.. 
  •  It is naturally non-stick. Pre-Seasoned with TilCrust™ – A proprietary mixture of Natural Cold-Pressed Vegetable Oils.
  •  Perfect size for a small family - Diameter - 120mm | 12 cm | 4.7 inches; Thickness - 5mm; Weight - 0.8 kgs. | Capacity 450 ml
  •  Can be used on LPG Stovetops, Induction Cooktops, Open Fires, Charcoals, Electric Grills, Ceramic tops, Electric Ovens (OTGs) (Do not use it in microwaves)
  •  Fortifies your food with Iron. Makes your food rich in Iron which in turn Boosts your family’s immunity.
  • Food tastes great when cooked in Trilonium.

 Trilonium cast iron tadka pan has smoothly curved interior and rounded base which makes sauce making easier than ever. Stylish and versatile, our cast iron pans are perfect for everyday use from making pasta sauces to simmering homemade soups or simply poaching eggs and boiling vegetables. The thickness & quality of Trilonium cast iron pan gives it longer life, higher iron density, retains heat longer and consumes less oil.

Cast iron gradually absorbs heat, these saucepans are also ideal for simmering the most delicate sauces such as custards and caramel, developing consistency and aromas without burning food. The sides of the pan angle outward with a curved inner edge that allows easy access for a whisk or spoon, so this pan is perfect for dishes that could burn and therefore require constant stirring – like creamy sauces and risotto.

Cast Iron Tadka Pan offers both elegance and versatility to your kitchen. Whether you’re learning to cook, or a seasoned expert, this pan is timeless. If well cared for, it can be passed down from one generation of chefs to the next. This pan translates beautifully from the kitchen to the table as you make every meal a memory. Elevate your cooking experience with cast iron and experience the benefits of a chemical free non-stick pan, add iron to your meals, and much more. This set has been wonderfully constructed out of heavy duty and durable cast iron to ensure a long-lasting product that is reliable for everyday use.

Country Of Origin: India.

Pre-Seasoned Tadka Pan is ready-to-use right out of the box :

To provide you with a ready to use cast-iron Tadka pan, all our cast-iron cookware pass through factory pre-seasoning stage in which natural cold pressed oil is used on these high head allowing the polymers to create an initial layer of seasoning. This one factory seasoned layer is equivalent 10-15 rounds of normal home seasoning. The normal cast iron seasoning we create at home is attained when the fats and oils used in cooking is collected on the cast iron.

This makes our cast iron cookware completely ready to be used straight out of the box. No initial seasoning is required. However; in order to maintain the factory-seasoned cast iron layer you need to season it from time to time. Factory seasoning is just a kick-start to your cookware’s seasoning life. Not to forget that seasoning is an ongoing course. If you want your cast iron to maintain a perfect black, non-stick patina, then get started with the cooking. Regular use and proper maintenance is the key to a coveted black non-stick surface.

Long, Easy-Grip Handles :

The handle provides added control when transferring cookware on the stovetop or between the kitchen and the table. The handle are part of the actual cast iron mold—no seams, welds, or joints. So you can move from stovetop to oven to grill to table and back again, all with a steady hand. You can also serve things up within the pan, turning these into 2-in-1s: cooking surface and keep-warm serving tray.

Superior Heat Retention :

The superior heating technology allows food to cook evenly. It also allows heat retention, this great feature that allows energy saving.

What You Get :

  • Exclusive! Cast iron care booklet.
  • The magical ability to sear, fry, sauteé a delicious meal, bake like a masterchef and enjoy the added benefits of cooking with cast iron!.

 How to get cooking :

  • Follow instructions in included care booklet
  • Wash, dry and season your new cast iron pan inside and out
  • Fire up the stovetop, oven, grill, or campfire
  • Cook up a storm.

Maintenance & care :
Ensure that proper care is taken by seasoning with a cooking oil after each use. To clean cast iron, never use soap; simply scrub your pan with a stiff brush and hot water and dry it completely; it is not dishwasher-safe.


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