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Prestige Svachh Lite Outer Lid Induction Base Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker With Stainless Steel Starch Filter

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UNIQUE LID WITH SPILLAGE CONTROL: The unique lid is designed to prevent the messy starchy water from flowing down the cooker. keeping it clean and making it easy to maintain.

STAINLESS STEEL STARCH FILTER: Stainless steel starch filter reduces the unhealthy rice starch so you can eat fresh, light and healthy.

CONTROLLED GASKET-RELEASE SYSTEM: Provides unmatched safety by letting out the excess steam built up inside the cooker.

MINI METALIC SAFETY PLUG: This safety plug melts to let out steam. This happens when the temperature/ pressure rises beyond the safe level due to insufficient water or food particles clogging the vent tube.

GAS AND INDUCTION COMPATIBLE: Makes it compatible for use on induction cooktops as well as gas stoves.

PRESSURE INDICATOR: Lets you know when it is safe to open the cooker.

Key Features:-

  • Unique Lid With Spillage Control
  • Stainless Steel Starch Filter
  • Controlled Gasket-Release System
  • Mini Metalic Safety Plug
  • Gas And Induction Compatible
  • With Pressure Indicator
  • Outer Lid
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty

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