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Trilonium Basic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Concave Tawa

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  • Pre-Seasoned with Natural Cold Pressed Oil ( Sesame Seed Oil ).
  • It is suitable to prepare food like chapathi, phulka, paratha, pizza, shallow frying fish, potatoes and other items. It is a versatile and healthy pan for you and your family.
  • Can be used on LPG Stovetops, Open Fires, Charcoals, Electric Grills, Ceramictops, Electric Ovens (OTGs) (Do not use it in Microwaves ).
  • TRILONIUM – The power of IRON: There is a noticeable difference in food that’s cooked in cast iron cookware. Fortifies your food with IRON.

  • Go traditional with our Trilonium roti tawa made out of pre-seasoned cast iron. Cast iron tawa is suitable for both amateurs and experts. Make round roti with ease that are not only spectacular looking, but also nutritious and healthy. You can now embark on your new diet plan with convenience. You dont have to worry about consuming more oil in your roti, as the cast iron absorbs the oil and evenly cooks them to perfection. Eat as many roti as you want with less guilt. Since this roti tawa is made of pre-seasoned cast iron, food cooked in this pan doesnt interact with the chemicals, but instead increases the iron content in the food being cooked in it. It also heats up faster, thus requiring less time to cook the roti evenly. You can easily clean and stack it with the rest of your pans and pots at home. Also, cast iron is meant to be durable ,sturdy and will last long. Moreover, the pan will not suffer from bends and cracks. This roti tawa can be used on gas, electric but not on induction cooktops, making it a very versatile tawa. It is chemical free alternative to nonstick tawas. Requires very less oil Hear, hear all health enthusiasts. Fortifies your food with vital iron content say goodbye to iron deficiencies!

Trilonium roti tawa is constructed in the right size of 9.5 inches, which makes perfect sized roti to be served fresh and hot. Rotis taste much better in Cast Iron tawa compared to other vessels.It is suitable for all food like chapathi, phulka, paratha, shallow frying fish, potatoes and other items. It is a versatile and healthy tawa for you and your family. The thickness & quality of Trilonium cast iron tawa gives it longer life, higher iron density, retains heat longer and consumes less oil.

Country Of Origin: India.

Pre-Seasoned Tawa is ready-to-use right out of the box :

To provide you with a ready to use cast-iron tawa, all our cast-iron cookware pass through factory pre-seasoning stage in which natural cold pressed oil is used on these high head allowing the polymers to create an initial layer of seasoning. This one factory seasoned layer is equivalent 10-15 rounds of normal home seasoning. The normal cast iron seasoning we create at home is attained when the fats and oils used in cooking is collected on the cast iron.

This makes our cast iron cookware completely ready to be used straight out of the box. No initial seasoning is required. However; in order to maintain the factory-seasoned cast iron layer you need to season it from time to time. Factory seasoning is just a kick-start to your cookwares seasoning life. Not to forget that seasoning is an ongoing course. If you want your cast iron to maintain a perfect black, non-stick patina, then get started with the cooking. Regular use and proper maintenance is the key to a coveted black non-stick surface.

Dual Handle :

The dual handle design provides great control and easy lift. No matter where this pan is used or stored, the dual handle design reduces its footprint to save space while providing a good grip. These handles are part of the actual cast iron moldno seams, welds, or joints. So you can move from stovetop to oven to grill to table and back again, all with a steady hand.

Superior heat retention :

Roti Tawa retains heat longer and this superior heating technology allows food to cook evenly. Therefore , it saves on gas and heating time.

What You Get :

  • Exclusive! Cast iron care booklet.
  • The magical ability to make rotis like a masterchef and enjoy the added benefits of cooking with cast iron!.

How to get cooking :

  • Follow instructions in included care booklet
  • Wash, dry and season your new cast iron tawa inside and out
  • Fire up the stovetop, oven, grill, or campfire
  • Cook up a storm.

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