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Trilonium Enameled Cast Iron Induction Compatible Skillet | Fry Pan 27cms

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    • Diameter 270 mm / 27 cms / 10.6 inches; Weight : 2.5 kgs; Thickness : 4mm.
    • This pan is coated with enamel and does not require to be seasoned.
    • Enamel is melted glass and is non toxic and does not react with food. It’s safe to cook in our enamel coated cookware.
    • Can be used on LPG Stovetops, Induction Cooktops, Open Fires, Charcoals, Electric Grills, Ceramictops, Electric Ovens (OTGs) (Do not use it in Microwaves ).
    • TRILONIUM – The power of IRON: There is a noticeable difference in food that’s cooked in cast iron cookware. Fortifies your food with IRON.
  • How to use:- Do not heat up the pan when it’s empty. Use high heat only when required. Don’t scour out the remnants of food from your utensils by whacking them on the rim with a spatula. Don’t use sharp objects / knives to scrape off remains from the pan.

Cast Iron has been one of the go-to cooking surfaces for centuries because it is relatively easy to produce, the material it is made from seemingly lasts forever, and it has tremendous heat distributive properties. As incredible as cast iron is, when enameled cast iron hit the market, the game was changed forever. Now you no longer had to season your pots and pans before using them. Your food never got stuck on the sides and bottom of the pot. And best of all, you could finally wash your pots without worrying about rust if you didn’t dry them all the way. Today, any time a recipe calls for you to cook your meals in a skillet, they are most likely talking about an enameled cast iron skillet / fry pan. It has become increasingly evident that any chef (home or professional) simply has to have one of these tools.The enamel glazed surface does not need any kind of seasoning, so it requires very little maintenance.

Country Of Origin: China.

Importance of Enameled Cast Iron :

Enameled cast iron cookware is health-hazard free and safe to use. Unlike pure cast iron, these utensils don’t interact with your food, so you can cook any type of food in them including tomatoes and other acidic foods. Enameled cast iron fry pans are extremely durable and last for many years .

Superior Heat Retention :

Enamel coating provides a non-stick surface that makes cooking easy without food sticking to the bottom. Conducts and retains heat very well, providing an even consistent temperature throughout the entire pot, which is perfect for cooking soups, stews, and chili. Superior heat retention is helpful in keeping the food warm when serving. These pans only need a low to medium heat, which makes this type of cookware energy efficient.

Enamel Coating :

An enamel coating on this Trilonium skillet is actually a glaze that is made from powdered glass. That glaze is fired on to the cast iron skillet. The process is similar is how pottery is glazed. It’s not fragile, but if you hit is really hard with metal spoon or subject it to crazy temperature extremes, it may chip. It is glass after all. If you do chip off the enamel, don’t worry is very safe to use the pan. Is just raw cast iron underneath. 

Long, Easy-Grip Handles :

Each skillet features a long handle for tossing, positioning, handling and carrying. These handles are part of the actual cast iron mold—no seams, welds, or joints. So you can move from stovetop to oven to grill to table and back again, all with a steady hand. You can also serve things up within the pan, turning these into 2-in-1s: cooking surface and keep-warm serving tray. Sturdy handle with hole for hanging when not in use.

What You Get :

    • Exclusive! Cast iron care booklet.
    • The magical ability to sear, fry, sauteé a delicious meal, bake like a masterchef and enjoy the added benefits of cooking with cast iron!.
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