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Trilonium Stainless Steel Chopping | Cutting Board (Size No : 3 – 39cm X 26cm) (Thickness – 2mm) + 1 Pcs Knife Combo

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    • The Stainless Steel Cutting Board is made of high quality SUS 304 stainless steel for better quality of families; Size No :3 ( 39cm X 26cm ); Thickness – 2mm; Weight – 1.17 kg; Exquisite workmanship design make it become on a daily basic for kitchen cutting and holding cooking utensils. Corrostion Resistant, Water Proof, Dishwasher Safe and Rust Proof.

    • Both sides can be used; No more need for multiple boards cluttering up your cupboards; The surface of the chopping board is very smooth, it is easy to clean; No residue remains after use; Used to cut meat, such as butcher pieces, vegetables, fruit or cheese; You can also use it as a dinner platter.

    • Trilonium Knife has a razor-sharp edge and agile blade to make your daily kitchen tasks like chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, especially cut through meat ribs, fruits and vegetables much easier! Meal preparation can be done in half the time when you have a professional steel knives.

    • Engineered for high paced all day use, the ergonomic design relieves aches and fatigue for long days in the kitchen; The handle gives you lasting beauty, durability and has stable dimensions; This vegetable chef knife is easy to utilize lightweight and has a solid balance that can be used by anyone.


Cooking becomes a pleasure when there is an accessory for every cutting and chopping task. Trilonium is happy to introduce a cutting board uses to cook small meals, party platters for large companies, and middle-size family dinners. Simply wash the board with mild soap and let it dry for re-use.

Traditional cutting boards are prone to mold, break, and difficult to clean and breed bacteria. Stainless steel cutting boards do not have these problems. The cutting board is made of food grade stainless steel and will not mold, cracked or warped, so there will be no dirt, debris or plastic fibers contaminating your food. Plastic chopping board will be mildewed and smelly; while stainless steel chopping board has no peculiar smell, will not be moldy and more healthy. If you use a kitchen knife on any cutting board, there will be knife marks, but the stainless steel cutting board will have fewer scratches. Stainless steel cutting boards won’t hurt the knife and you can use it with confidence.

Anti-scratch and anti-rust :
This food-grade stainless steel board are durable and can withstand high pressure without damaging the surface. Rounded corner protection design, which will not hurt your hands when cutting. The sound is low and does not cause discomfort.

Minimalistic Design :
Trilonium Stainless Steel cutting board is a beautiful accessory to every kitchen – be modern, vintage, or another decoration style.

Trilonium Knive helps facilitate amazing results, whether cooking for one or for a crowd. The knife is made with safe, durable, and quality blades that makes your chopping , cutting in a easier way. It’s also ideal for creating paper-thin, even slices. It is perfect for breaking down larger cuts of boneless meat and poultry as well as dicing, mincing and chopping tough vegetables and fruits.

The popular all-purpose chef’s knife features a curved blade for chopping with a smooth, back-and-forth rocking motion while its wide blade surface allows for conveniently scooping up chopped veggies or minced herbs and transporting them quickly from the cutting board to a pot or pan on the stovetop.
Stainless-Steel Blade :
The high-quality knife feature superior high-carbon stainless-steel blade with razor-sharp edges which help promote reliable cutting accuracy and precision results. Sharpen the blades as necessary with the included blade sharpener to maintain a sharp edge for safe and efficient use.

Comfortable-Grip Handle :
The knife comes equipped with an ergonomically designed, high grade stainless steel handle for a secure, comfortable grip and enhanced control.

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