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Stainless Steel Water Filter | Flower Pot | Matka Stand Big (Size-2)

Stainless Steel Water Filter | Flower Pot | Matka Stand Big (Size-2)

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    • Made Up Of High Quality Stainless Steel.

    • You can mount any domestic sized Water Filter. Using this stand / mount facilitates easy filling up of water from the water filter

    • Can be used as a Flower Pot Stand too.

    • Its Sturdy Legs can withstand upto 50 Kgs of weight / Size- Diameter :29 cm; Height;18 cm


Maintaining a beautiful garden is everyone's dream. But due to space constraints, having a beautiful garden becomes difficult. Instead, you can have a balcony garden with cute plants in beautiful pots. Your balcony may look beautiful in the beginning, but as the time passes, it looks awkward due to mud stains on the floor. It looks simple if it is kept on the floor. Instead of keeping the pots on the floor, why don't you try a new way to present your home gracefully by Pot Stand for Plants. It is a round shaped stand with 3 strong legs which can hold the pots / water filter easily.

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