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Brass Traditional Coffee Dabara Set for Tasting Excellent South Indian Filter Coffee | Brass Tumbler | Coffee Cup

Brass Traditional Coffee Dabara Set for Tasting Excellent South Indian Filter Coffee | Brass Tumbler | Coffee Cup

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    • AUTHENTIC COFFEE EXPERIENCE - Enjoy your South Indian Filter Coffee in a traditional Dabara for that authentic and best experience. Dabara sets are still used in most households in the South Indian region. They are a cultural symbol of enjoying traditional Filter Kaapi.

    • PERFECT FINISH - With a luxurious and elegant finish, you can take pride in presenting your Filter Kaapi in these to your house guests. It bring back the age-old coffee drinking experience to life with the traditional brass dabara set.

    • TRADITIONAL & ECO-FRIENDLY - Rather than buying perishable vessels often, you can invest in the heathy and environment-friendly utensils like Dabara and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

    • HOW TO MAINTAIN - As brass oxidises over time and forms patches (which is natural), we recommend that you periodically polish the Dabaras with a brass or appropriate metal polish to maintain its beauty.


Traditionally the Kumbakonam filter coffee is served in the authentic brassware called as the Dabara. It is nothing but a tumbler and a cup made of good quality brass. The serving pattern is that the cup is placed openly in which the tumbler is kept with blazing hot coffee. Before serving the coffee, we pour it back and forth in the arc shape using the cup and the tumbler. By doing this pattern the coffee comes to ideal drinking temperature so you can enjoy it without burning your tongue. Also, the lifting motion is done to mix all the ingredients well before consumption. The reason why Kumbakonam filter coffee is served in the brass set is because of the taste enhancing properties of the brassware. When coffee is served in the so called Dabara it retains heat for a long duration of time when compared to other vessels. Also, the Dabara increases the taste and the aroma of the served fresh coffee. Once you try out our coffee in the brassware you will never like to have in porcelain or stainless steel again. While cappuccino and latte take their place in the western domain, the eastern realm is reigned by filter coffee, especially Kumbakonam filter coffee. The exquisite taste from the fresh ground coffee beans blend with the rich incomparable aroma served in the brass utensils simply called as the "Dabara" gives the authentic south Indian touch to the beverage.

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