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Classic Stainless Steel Charcoal Camp Stove

Classic Stainless Steel Charcoal Camp Stove

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  • Ideal for camping, backpacking, tailgating, charcoal burning, survival, emergency preparedness; Weight: 3.6 kgs.

  • No fuss with fuel, uses 50% less charcoal then competitors. No butane, propane, or gas needed. No chemical emissions, small carbon footprint.

  • Designed for easy use and will not over heat.

  • The ash bin allows you to use as a regulator and control the temperature while you cook.

  • Bakelite handles are attached for easy movement from one place to another even when it is working.


Perfect for your outdoor kitchen, enjoy backyard outdoor cooking or have a picnic with your family. This charcoal starter grill is easy to use and makes a great portable fire pit and portable stove when camping. Light weight hence easy to transport. The chamber and handles of the stove have been specially divided by two protection layers, which ensure that the handles don’t heat up much even when the chamber of the stove is very hot.

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