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Fe+ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram | Paddu Pan (7 Pits | Round)

Fe+ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram | Paddu Pan (7 Pits | Round)

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  • STRONG & DURABLE:- Diameter - 160mm | 16cm | 6.2 inches; Weight - 1 kg; 100% Natural, non-toxic and acts like non-stick pans when seasoned well;

  • ONE-PIECE DESIGN:- No screws, no rivets, no weld joints; Comfortable depth; Enriches the food taste and increases the iron content of the food cooked; Even heating and long heat retention capacity.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:- Works on gas stove top, open fire and charcoal.

  • HOW TO MAINTAIN:- Clean the pans thoroughly after cooking | re-season the pan after use | use the pans frequently.

  • PACKAGE CONTENT:- 1 Pcs eKitchen Fe+ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram | Paddu Pan (7 Pits | Round).


eKitchen paniyaram pan a typical south indian chettinad dish, paniyarams are sweet or spiced dumplings poured on the paniyarakkal which gives a taste that is out of the world.Among that everyday breakfast in South India. Paniyaram turns out crispy on the outside and tender inside. You will find 12 cavities at the paniyara kadai, which might be ideal for a healthy dinner. When you receive the cookware first clean it with a mild dishwashing liquid and dry it. Apply a layer of cooking oil all over and heat the paniyarakkal for 20 mins. After cooling wipe of the excess. repeat the oil application process 2-3 times. Your paniyarakkal is now ready for cooking tasty paniyarams.

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