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Charcoal Burning Natural Draft Rocket Stove | Camp Stove

Charcoal Burning Natural Draft Rocket Stove | Camp Stove

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  • Cooks 50% faster than charcoal grills for camping, backpacking, tailgating, charcoal burning, survival, emergency preparedness.

  • It is eco-friendly. No fuss with fuel, uses 50% less charcoal then . No butane, propane, or gas needed. No chemical emissions, small carbon footprint.

  • Charcoal camp stove's ergonomic handles are designed for easy use and will not over heat.

  • It allows you to use the ash bin as a regulator and control the temperature while you cook.

  • Package Content - 1 Pcs eKitchen Super Classic High-End Charcoal Burning Natural Draft Rocket Stove / Camping Stove.


Perfect for your outdoor kitchen, enjoy backyard outdoor cooking or have a picnic with your family. This charcoal starter grill is easy to use and makes a great portable fire pit and portable stove when camping. Its compact 10” by 11” and 7.8lbs size is convenient to add to your camping equipment.

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