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eKitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven 3.5 litres | 26cm

eKitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven 3.5 litres | 26cm

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About this item

  • Durable:- Cast-iron is very strong and sturdy. It will last you a lifetime, indestructible cookware; Diameter: 260mm | 26cm | 10.2 inches; Weight: 6.13 kgs; Thickness: 6mm.
  • Superior Heat Retention :- It retains & transfers heat evenly.
  • Best to Prepare:- Perfect for baking bread, simmering soups & stews, frying chicken and all manner of one-pot meals.
  • Multipurpose Use:- Can be used in stove top, induction, grill and oven.
  • Dual Handle: - It is fitted with a convenient handle specially designed and engineered for a skillet of this size and weight
  • Use & Care:- Hand wash even before first use and dry it immediately; Allow cast iron skillet to cool completely before washing them in water with a sponge using regular dishwashing liquid soap; It is not dishwasher safe.

Our cast iron cookware is multi-functional and suitable for many different cooking methods. is pre- seasoned with vegetable oil. This allows the iron to be in direct contact with your food, giving you healthy dose of essential Iron ions every day. This dutch oven is crafted with seasoned cast iron that can outlast years of regular cooking and washing for long-term reliability. These allow our cookware to stand up to the rigors of daily cooking. It is most suitable for Indian old style slow-cooking, seals all the moisture for tender and aromatic food.

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