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Stainless Steel Khalbatta Or Ural Set

Stainless Steel Khalbatta Or Ural Set

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  • Made From High Quality Stainless Steel

  • Light and easy to handle.

  • Resistant To Corrosion

  • Powders your spices in a jiffy.

  • A great choice for those prefer safe kitchenware that lasts.

  • Okhli Masher.


For Perfect Lip Smacking Recipes, Trust Nothing But This Silver Mortar Pestle/Khalbatta Imam Dasta/Okhli Masher/Hand Chopper that Features A High Quality Stainless Steel Construction To Serve Your Kitchen For Many Years To Come. This Khalbatta And Masher Are Absolutely Easy To Use To Mash Spices And Herbs. now Ground Fresh Spices At Home Just Before Cooking Easily. bring Out The Aromatic Flavor Of Spices By Freshly Grinding Them. it Is A Known Fact That The Aroma, Taste & Punch Of A Freshly Ground Spices Is Far Superior To That Of A Already Ground Spices Powder. Other Features : Imperfections are bound to appear on the surface as product is made by Casting. Strong Construction, Durable and Rust Free.

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