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Heera Salem Stainless Steel Hot Pot | Hot Box | Casserole

Heera Salem Stainless Steel Hot Pot | Hot Box | Casserole

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  • STRONG & DURABLE:- Made from Salem Stainless Steel.
  • INSULATION:- Double Wall Polyurethane Insulation; Keeps your food hot for longer time and act as a perfect store and serve dish.
  • IDEAL TO STORE:- It is perfect for keeping hot & cold items Like Biriyani, naan roties, vegetable curries, yogurts & salad as its best.
  • SPACE SAVING:- Dynamically structured to a compact design occupying minimum shelf space; Best to use on daily basis.

Designed for maximum temperature retention which will add warmness and freshness to your food for long hours. Stainless Steel Casserole is made of double walled polyurethane insulation which makes it lightweight and rigid. It has an insulated stainless steel inner pot makes it tough, reliable and unbreakable. This casserole is useful for storing different varieties of foodstuffs that need a large storage space in general. This casserole is made in such a way that you need never worry about accidentally burning your hands by touching it. The handles on the casserole keep the heat inside, and your hands safe whenever you require to hold them. You need not be worried of using this casserole in a dishwasher, as it is built safe for use in a such an appliance. You can use them to store curries, rice, idlis, rotis, pasta and more. They are easy to store and carry as well.

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