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Ideal Granity Nonstick Fry Pan Glass Lid 240mm

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Rs. 1,041.00
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Rs. 1,099.00
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Rs. 1,041.00
  • Cool touch handle that does not become loose over time
  • Long lasting and metal spoon friendly
  • Diameter -240mm
  • Cool touch handle that does not become loose over time
  • Package Content - 1 Pcs Ideal Granity Non-Stick 24cm Fry Pan,Glass Lid

A wok is a traditional chinese versatile round bottemed cooking vessel,originating from china.Woks are used in a range of different chinese cooking techniques,including stir frying,steming,pan frying,deep frying,paaching,boiling,braising,searing,stewing,making soup,smoking,making soup,smoking and roasting nuts. wok cooking is done with long handle called chahn or hoak .the long handles of these utensils allow cooks to work with the food without the food burning their hands

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