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Preethi Sparkle 3B Glasstop Gas Stove - GTGS004

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Rs. 7,350.00
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Rs. 10,769.00
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Rs. 7,350.00

69+% Thermal Efficiency:

The appropriate alignment of tri pad mixing chamber and ant guard jet in a straight line brings gas from valve directly to burner providing 60:40 Air- LPG ratio. This coupled with heavy duty brass burners produce blu flame with improved flame height for better thermal efficiency enabling you to cook faster and save gas.

Thermally Toughened Glass:

8mm thick thermally toughened glass top makes it highly durable, long lasting and heat resistant.

Heavy Duty Brass Burner:

Heaviest brass burners that are heavier than the competitors for improved durability, faster cooking and consistent efficiency for years.

Removable Drip Tray:

A removable tray for easy cleaning that collects all the spillage to ensure mess-free cooking.

Extendable Legs:

Long-lasting legs that doubles up in height providing better spacing, allowing easy cleaning below the gas stove.

Lighter Holder:

No more misplacing your lighter. This stove comes with a provision to hold the lighter.

Study Gas Knobs With Night Glow:

Sturdy and Extremely durable knobs that have undergone 5000 rotation tests. They are coated with high quality molykote grease, to reduce wear and tear which in turn reduces the risk of gas leak for enhanced safety. The night glow feature enables the user to spot the knob even in darkness.

Ant Guard Jet:

The ant guard jet aligns with the tri-pad mixing chamber to bring pressurized gas directly to the burner. It is uniquely designed* (patent pending) to prevent entry of ants to ensure smooth functioning for years and minimise low flame issues.

Tri Pad Mixing Chamber:

Featuring for the first time, a mixing tube made of high grade aluminium material fixed firmly to the gas stove. This feature supports the right mixture of air & gas ratio for increased efficiency and perfect flame.

Triad Nozzle:

The first of its kind in the industry with a unique provision for connecting gas tube from all 3 sides of your gas stove. An add-on feature that can be availed with additional charges.

Inverted U Shaped MS Strips:

A one of a kind feature found in Preethi’s range of gas stoves is the inverted U-Shaped MS Strips designed to provide more strength and durability.

Lifelong Free Service:

Get lifelong hassle-free superior servicing from trained company technicians, free of labour charges.

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